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CCNP 642-902 EXAM 8

Question 1 Refer to the exhibit. You are the network administrator responsible for the NProuter, the router, and the router. What can you determine about the OSPF operations from the debug output?

CCNP 642-902 EXAM 7

Question 1 Into which two types of areas would an area border router (ABR) inject a default route? (Choose two) A. the autonomous system of a different interior gateway protocol (IGP) B. area 0 C. totally stubby D. NSSA E….Continue Reading →

CCNP 642-902 EXAM 6

OSPF Questions Question 1 An administrator Pipes in the command router ospf 1 and receives the error message: “OSPF process 1 cannot start.” (Output is omitted.) What should be done to correctly set up OSPF? A – Ensure that an…Continue Reading →

CCNP 642-902 EXAM 5

EIGRP Questions Question 1 Which three descriptions are correct based on the exhibited output? (Choose three) A. R1 is configured with the variance command. B. The route to was redistributed into EIGRP. C. A default route has been redistributed…Continue Reading →

CCNP 642-902 EXAM 4

EIGRP Questions Question 1 Which three statements are true about EIGRP route summarization? (Choose three) A. Manual route summarization is configured in router configuration mode when the router is configured for EIGRP routing. B. Manual route summarization is configured on…Continue Reading →

CCNP 642-902 EXAM 3

EIGRP Questions Question 1 Refer to the exhibit. ROUTE.com has just implemented this EIGRP network. A network administrator came to you for advice while trying to implement load balancing across part of their EIGRP network. If the variance value is…Continue Reading →

CCNP 642-902 EXAM 2

EIGRP Questions Question 1 Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP has been configured on all routers in the network. What additional configuration statement should be included on router R4 to advertise a default route to its neighbors? A. R4(config)#ip default-network

CCNP 642-902 EXAM 1

EIGRP Questions Question 1 Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true? hostname RAR1  ! <output omitted> ! router bgp 100  neighbor remote-as 200  neighbor distribute-list 101 in ! access-list 101 permit ip A….Continue Reading →

CCNP introduction

CCNP full name is: Cisco Certified Network Professional – Cisco Certified Networkengineer. NA valid for three years, wanted to test the NP within three years, finished thechildren’s shoes need a NP, the longest interval of three years each door, needsfinished…Continue Reading →

642-902 ROUTE Exam Topics

Exam Description The Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE 642-902) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP®, Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional CCIP®, and Cisco Certified Design Professional CCDP® certifications. The ROUTE 642-902 exam will certify that the…Continue Reading →